Sun Records издаст пластинки Джонни Кэша для коллекционеров

Теги: #Johnny Cash

Тиражом 5000 копий выйдет номерное коробочное издание 7 пластинок Джонни Кэша (Johnny Cash). В подборку войдут первые 7 альбомов, когда-то изданных на лейбле Sun Records, начиная с дебютного 1956 года.

Подробностей об издании пока немного, точная дата выхода в продажу не объявлена, также весьма скромна информация о подготовке издания — все пластинки будут 180-граммовыми, а записи на них — ремастированными. Цена предзаказа «коробки» колеблется около цифры в 300$.

Каталожные данные: Johnny Cash Box Set 180g 7LP Box Set // 180LP2010JC

Список дисков:

Johnny Cash With His Hot and Blue Guitar (1956, debut album)

1. Rock Island Line

2. (I Heart That) Lonesome Whistle

3. Country Boy

4. If the Good Lord's Willing

5. Cry Cry Cry

6. Remember Me (I'm the One Who Loves You)

7. So Doggone Lonesome

8. I Was Ther When It Happened

9. I Walk the Line

10. Wreck of the Old 97

11. Folsom Prison Blues

12. Doin' My Time

Johnny Cash Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous (1958)

1. Ballad of a Teenage Queen

2. There You Go

3. I Walk the Line

4. Don't Make Me Go

5. Guess Things Happen That Way

6. Train of Love

7. The Ways of a Woman In Love

8. Next In Line

9. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven

10. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)

11. Home of the Blues

12. Big River

Greatest! (1959)

1. Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye

2. I Just Thought You'd Like To Know

3. You Tell Me

4. Just About Time

5. I Forgot To Remember To Forget

6. Katy Too

7. Thanks a Lot

8. Luther Played the Boogie

9. You Win Again

10. Hey Good Lookin'

11. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You

12. Get Rhythm

Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams (1960)

1. I Can't Help It

2. You Win Again

3. Hey, Good Lookin'

4. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You

5. Next In Line

6. Straight A's In Love

7. Folsom Prison Blues

8. Give My Love To Rose

9. I Walk The line

10. I Love You Because

11. Come In Stranger

12. Mean Eyed Cat

Now Here's Johnny Cash (1961)

1. Sugartime

2. Down the Street to 301

3. Life Goes On

4. Port of Lonely Hearts

5. Cry Cry Cry

6. My Treasure

7. Oh Lonesome Me

8. Home of the Blues

9. So Doggone Lonesome

10. You're the Neartest Thing To Heaven

11. The Story of a Broken Heart

12. Hey Porter

All Aboard The Blue Train (1962)

1. There You Go

2. So Doggone Lonesome

3. Wreck of the Old 97

4. Give My Love to Rose

5. Folsom Prison Blues

6. Blue Train

7. Hey Porter

8. Come in Stranger

9. Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye

10. Rock Island Line

11. Train of Love

12. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle

The Original Sun Sound (1964)

1. Always Alone

2. Country Boy

3. Goodnight Irene

4. Wide Open Road

5. Thanks a Lot

6. Big River

7. Belshazar

8. Born to Lose

9. New Mexico

10. I Forgot to Remember to Forget

11. Two Timin' Woman

12. Story of a Broken Heart


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